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Located in southern Ethiopia around six hours drive from the capital Addis Abeba, Arba Minch is the provincial capital of the Gamo Gofa Zone and part of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR). It is surrounded by Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo, two major lakes of the rift valley and is a major tourist destination for travelers exploring the southern Omo valley.

Currently, around 120,000 people live in fast-growing Arba Minch and it is home to the well-known Arba Minch University with almost 25,000 students. Arba Minch is connected to the national electricity grid, but is also frequently subject to large power cuts and the general energy shortage.

During many personal discussions, e.g. with the chief administrator of Gamo Gofa Zone, the major of Arba Minch Town and the president of Arba Minch University, it has become clear that solar energy can play a major role in the future energy supply of the region on many levels. The local government as well as the university have been very motivated to collaborate with Sahay Solar on the distribution of solar energy and both play active roles in terms of the local activities.

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