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Social Projects

In Ethiopia, almost 80 % of the people live in rural areas and without access to the national electricity grid. The lack of electrical energy causes many problems for the local communities and the development of rural life. For example, all over Ethiopia, rural Health Centers have been set-up by the national government. Despite serious efforts, most of these clinics have no access to electricity, which strongly limits their ability to provide adequate health service. Also, many children are not able to attend school during the day, because they need to help their parents with work, and thus are dependent on light to study in the evening hours.
By installing autonomous off-grid solar systems, both Health Centers and Schools can improve their service to the local communities by far. Light and basic electricity supply in Health Centers enable e.g. the safe delivery of babies during night time, the heating of water for hygienic purposes or the cooling of medicines and vaccinations in fridges. Schools, on the other hand, can offer evening classes for children and adults and the staff can use computers and TV for teaching purposes.

Bridging theory and practice while supporting the local communities:

While the Solar Competence Center (SCC) at AMU provides sound opportunities for theoretical teaching, we feel that practical experience “in the field” is the key to a long-lasting and sustainable transfer of knowledge. All social projects are hence implemented in cooperation with local staff and students of AMU SCC. Besides offering a direct benefit to rural communities, these projects also serve to bridge the gap between theoretical training and practical experience for the future solar technicians. The social projects are 100% charitable and have been supported by various sponsors from Switzerland and Germany over the past years.
In the past 6 years, Sahay Solar and its partners have installed off-grid solar systems in 8 rural schools and in 8 rural Health Centers. This serves up to 15,000 school students and staff and provides health services for around 150,000 people.

Here you can watch two movie clips from the village Danbile, two hours drive from Arba Minch in the mountains.

Building of a solar system for a health station, Dec. 2013

Building of a solar system for a village school, May 2011


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